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The History of Mary Prince,
A West Indian Slave

Related by Herself

With a Supplement by the Editor


To Which is Added,

The Narrative of a Asa-Asa,

A Captured African


"By our sufferings, since ye brought us
To the man-degrading mart,--
All sustain'd by patience, taught us
Only by a broken heart,--
Deem our nation brutes no longer,
Till some reason ye shall find
Worthier of regard, and stronger
Than the colour of our kind."



Published by F. Westley and A.H. Davis,
Stationers' Hall Court,
And by Waugh & Innes, Edinburgh



The History of Mary Prince:
A West Indian Slave

by Mary Prince, Moira Ferguson (Editor)



Public Domain - Copyright CaribSeek 2003 - All Rights Reserved - Web Published: October 24, 2003